We are excited about our new facility for  day care service provision, a working community garden set in the heart of Nottingham, close to the Victoria Embankment, Trent Bridge. Each and every Friday, Richmand House has secured exclusive use of the facility. Day care for us is as much about the quality of care as the location and venue.

Arkwright Meadows Community Garden is a working environment, the garden is a beautifully maintained sanctuary where organic fruit and vegetables are grown by a dedicated team of volunteers.

Which type of day care is best for you?

We currently provide two types of day-care service provision, one of which is located at Richmand House Residential Home, where day-care is registered to accommodate up to three day care service users per day. We offer this service seven days per week, between the hours of 8am - 6pm. This includes all meals, snacks and drinks. With prior arrangement we can accommodate to support to appointments on the day of the visit.

AMC Gardens day-care facility operates each Friday between the hours of 10am - 3.30pm. A nutritiously balanced meal is provided, and cooked on the premises using seasonal organic produce grown in the AMC garden, snacks, drinks and an afternoon activity. 



  • 10 am arrive; welcome, morning drinks and biscuits

  • 11am enjoy the garden area, talk to volunteers about the garden, or join in maintaining the garden, planting and for the more hands on weeding!

  • 12.30pm lunch, cooked on the premises with produce grown in the AMC garden

  • 2pm Activities

  • 3pm Afternoon drinks

  • 3.30pm home



Day Care

Research suggests It’s possible to live an independent and active life with dementia β€“ there are many people in the UK  who are facing dementia head on and developing support mechanisms and strategies to live well with the condition. That includes anything from taking up new hobbies to making new friends. 

Keeping occupied and stimulated can improve quality of life for the person with dementia, as well as for those around them. Activities can act as an opportunity for fun and stimulation, and can also encourage independence, social inclusion, communication or expression of feelings.

Day-care services are a valuable resource to older people living in their own homes.  Isolation, health and social issues often occur when individuals have little or no access to such facilities or opportunities to interact with other people. 


Please contact us for further information regarding your individual requirements and current fees. For more info on AMC gardens simply visit www.amcgardens.co.uk

For any questions please call us on 0115 9142609